About Mindshow

We make simple and fun story creation software accessible to anyone. Located in Los Angeles, CA, we are a diverse team of artists, designers, and engineers who work to ignite creativity in people through technology.

Oscar Ayala Oscar Ayala
Oscar Ayala Character Modeler
Gil Baron Gil Baron
Gil Baron Co-Founder & CEO
Marc Brownlow Marc Brownlow
Marc Brownlow Art Director
Sam Chiet Sam Chiet
Sam Chiet Junior Engineer
Andrew Edwards Andrew Edwards
Andrew Edwards Senior Engineer
Brian Emerson Brian Emerson
Brian Emerson Lead Character Pipeline
Brett Faulds Brett Faulds
Brett Faulds Senior Engineer
Chris Gaudino Chris Gaudino
Chris Gaudino Senior Engineer
John Kanikula Peters John Kanikula Peters
John Kanikula Peters Senior Engineer
Adam Levin Adam Levin
Adam Levin Co-Founder & COO
Liem Nguyen Liem Nguyen
Liem Nguyen Environment Modeler
Jake Parker Jake Parker
Jake Parker Lead Engineer
Luke Patterson Luke Patterson
Luke Patterson Co-Founder & Lead Designer
Jonnie Ross Jonnie Ross
Jonnie Ross Co-Founder & CCO
Chris Russell Chris Russell
Chris Russell CTO
Cosmo Scharf Cosmo Scharf
Cosmo Scharf Co-Founder & CXO
Jim Toepel Jim Toepel
Jim Toepel Experience Designer
Sydney Tuss Sydney Tuss
Sydney Tuss Experience Researcher
Angelo Warner Angelo Warner
Angelo Warner Office Manager
Alien Alien
Iggy Alien